Job title: Lecturer, Sculpture, School of Art


Research outputs: Ewan Robertson on Edinburgh Research Explorer

I have lectured in Sculpture since 1996 at ECA. My practice has been varied and has spanned various approaches, materials, scales and contexts. I’ve shown nationally and internationally and worked collaboratively for 10 years as part of an artists group showing in mostly in Europe, in particular in Estonia. My studio practice has been based at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop since 1998.

I’ve lectured in Sculpture practice at undergraduate level for 15 years.

Research interests and activities

Current practice examines diverse aspects of iron: its material nature, use, properties, status, origins, boundaries and histories. All territories of overlap, interconnection and influence are considered in creative enquiry, production and dissemination.

I’m also interested in analogous thought, language, ideas and systems.  Metaphor features in different ways in both teaching and research practice. There is room for the poetic and the scientific in both source and finished work. I exploit and enjoy linear and non-linear routes of exploration and questioning in sculptural, drawn and time-based practice.

Ideas, objects, sites, phenomena and situations are prodded with poetry, filtered through geology, jammed and juxtaposed with psycho-geography, they can be power-hosed, re-envisioned, structurally altered, appended, inverted, whispered to, re-found.