Programme: Music - PhD/MPhil/MSc by Research

Start date: September 2014

Mode of study: Full time

Research title: Music and Dyslexia: From the Brain to the Classroom 

I graduated from the Reid School of Music at the University of Edinburgh in 2013. In my Final Year I worked with Dr Katie Overy to write my dissertation entitled "Does Musical Training-Induced Brain Plasticity have the Potential to Aid the Recovery of Motor and Language Function in Stroke Survivors?" for which I was awarded the Niecks Essay Prize. In September 2013 I joined the Institute for Music in Human and Social Development (IMHSD) and began my MSc by Research in Music and Neuroimaging. In 2014 I was awarded the Thomas Laing Reilly Scholarship and began my PhD in Music and Dyslexia.


Moore E, Schaefer RS, Bastin ME, Roberts N, Overy K. (2014) Can Musical Training Influence Brain Connectivity? Evidence from Diffusion Tensor MRI.Brain Sciences. 4(2):405-427.

Presentations/Invited Lectures

Moore, E., Schaefer, R.S., Bastin, M.E., Roberts, N. & Overy, K. (2015) Four Weeks of Musically Cued Motor Training Induces Structural Changes in the Arcuate Fasciculus, Poster Session presented at the British Neuroscience Association Festival of Neuroscience, Edinburgh International Conference Centre, Edinburgh, 13th April 2015.

Moore, E., (2014) Music and Dyslexia, Guest Lecture as part of the Third Year Designing Alternatives Course offered by the School of Design at Edinburgh College of Art, Evolution House, Edinburgh, 16th October 2014.

Moore, E., Schaefer, R.S., Bastin, M.E., Roberts, N. & Overy, K. (2013) Music Moves: The Effects of Musical and Visual Cueing on Finger Movement Learning, Poster Session presented at the Centre for In Vivo Imaging Science (CIVIS) Annual Scientific Meeting, Chancellor’s Building, Edinburgh, 28th November 2013


2015                           William Dickson Travelling Fund University of Edinburgh

2014                           Gerry Farrell Travelling Scholarship Society for Education and Music Psychology Research

2014                           Thomas Laing Reilly Scholarships in Music Reid School of Music

2014                           Gwen Clutterbuck Scholarship Reid School of Music

2013                           Clinical Research Imaging Centre (CRIC) Scholarship Clinical Research Imaging Centre

2013                           F.M.Cullen Bequest Reid School of Music

2013                           Niecks Essay Prize for Final Year Dissertation Reid School of Music

2010                           Guthrie Watson Scholarship  Reid School of Music

My research is currently exploring whether participating in classroom musical activities can support literacy skills in children with dyslexia and understanding possible neural mechanisms of this support. 

My MSc project was part of a collaboration between the IMHSD and the Clinical Research Imaging Centre (CRIC) and was focused on whether musical cueing can enhance movement learning both behaviourally and neurally. The study was based upon a training paradigm of 4 finger-to-thumb opposition sequences, which were practised with the left hand either with or without sequence specific music over a 4-week period. Participants underwent MRI scans and movement tests pre and post-training to investigate whether structural changes grey and white matter occurred in correlation with improved behavioural performance.

In addition, I have collaborated with Harvard Medical School/Boston Children’s Hospital to collect data for a study investigating syllable discrimination in adults with dyslexia.