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Teaching Fellow, Fashion, School of Design


Elena studied at undergraduate level at Edinburgh College of Art from 2001 to 2006, gaining a degree in fashion womenswear and finding recognition of her work as a finalist for best womenswear at Graduate Fashion Week in London. Following this she worked as an Artist in Residence (for two years) and freelance designer. During these years she undertook a personal research in history and techniques of pattern cutting of the House of Lanvin, Paris and also did research on Fabric Manipulation technique, and the application of these within historical and contemporary fashion design. Elena showcased her work at the New Edinburgh Fashion Show in March 2007.

After that she completed short courses on Modeling on the Stand and Pattern Cutting Courses.  



In 2008 Elena became a part-time employee of ECA teaching various aspects of fashion design, such as fashion sketch/illustration, studio design, creative cutting and modeling on the stand, clothes construction and fabric manipulations. Elena teaches first, second and third year students as well as those on the MA programme.


Research interests

Elena is keen find and introduce into her teaching practice new methods that could help students explore their creative potential. This involves experimenting a lot with paper and other materials working flat and in 3D.  

Her second research area lies in between two interesting subjects, which are Creative Cutting and Modeling On The Stand. Elena has undertaken short courses on modeling on the stand and done extensive personal research into the cutting methods behind high-end fashion garments. This experience allows her to interweave these two subjects into design practice in a fresh and original way.

Research activities

‘Cut 1’ Exhibition: Tent Gallery, Edinburgh, 2010. This project explored the notion of ‘emotionally considered design’ within the design development practice and was done in collaboration with Mal Burkinshaw, Programme Director of Fashion at Edinburgh College of Art.

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