Job title: Research Fellow


Research outputs: Dr Scott Ogletree on Edinburgh Research Explorer

Dr. Scott Ogletree is a Research Fellow at the OPENspace research centre at Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture (ESALA). 

His research focuses on the relationship between society and the natural environment. Scott researches these connections using spatial and statistical tools to better understand how the natural world impacts people.

Scott completed his PhD at Clemson University, USA and followed that with a Postdoctoral position at North Carolina State University, USA working with Dr. Myron Floyd and Dr. Aaron Hipp. He also completed a Masters in Landscape Architecture at Clemson University and a Bachelors in Recreation Resource Management from the University of Georgia, USA.

Scott has taught courses in the area of resource management, geospatial tools, and evidence-based decision making at the undergraduate and graduate level.

Research interests include human-environment interactions, computational social science, reproducible research, and environmental and social determinants of health. Scott has expertise in data management and analysis, R statistical software, and geospatial data science.