Job title: Lecturer in Design and Screen Cultures


Office address: Evolution House, Room 2.19

I am a lecturer in theory and historical/cultural context at ECA, working across Film, Comics, Media and Game Studies, appointed in 2019. I completed my MA and Mst at St Andrews and Oxford respectively, obtaining my doctorate from the University of East Anglia concerning transmedia and remediating works situated between film, photography and painting in interwar England. I am a proudly pansexual and non-binary academic with a background in Art History and Visual Cultural Studies, and over four years' teaching experience in game design. My present research interests concern (Post-)Phenomenology, Horror, and the Non-human turn in new media.

Previously Course Organiser for 'Dissertation (Design Cultures),' my teaching in 2020 is now focused on delivering my new course, 'Design, Play and Games,' Design's first Game Studies course with a focus on engaging the impact and meanings of play and games in 21st-century culture.

My research is interdisciplinary, having migrated from Art History to Game Studies and Media Studies. I have published on interwar visual culture surrounding aviation and transmedia horror videogames. Upcoming publications include a book chapter and article titled ‘Sensing Sims: Atmospheres, Aesthetics and the Cyborg Player’ and ‘Repeated Failure: Diachronic/Comic Timing in The Joker (2019),’ as well as DIGRA 2020 abstracts concerning the representation of plants and deep time in games. My visual arts practice is currently focused on plein air paintings of videogame environments, and dark comedy comics focused on speculative futures. You can find my blog and portfolio at dear, and I tweet with the handle @merlin_seller.

Current PhD students