Job title: Director of Outreach, Senior Lecturer in Sound Design

Tel: +44 (0)131 650 2333


Research: See Dr Martin Parker on Edinburgh Research Explorer

Current PhD students

Pete Furniss

Dara Etefaghi

Dario Sanfilippo

Jack Walker

PhD Supervision Topics

  • Acoustics and audio
  • Composition
  • Computational
  • Contemporary
  • Electroacoustic
  • Improvisation
  • Instrument research
  • Music for screen (TV/Film/Game)
  • Performance
  • Sonic art
  • Technology
  • Twenty-first century

A composer, improviser and soloist with laptop, Martin’s work focuses on encounters between computers, people and places. Based in Edinburgh, he has performed and collaborated internationally with theatre companies, symphony orchestras, visual artists and ensembles; recent projects include ‘Songs for an airless room’, an 'opera' for cinemas performed by Joby Burgess and Phil Minton. 

Martin has been Artistic Director of Edinburgh’s Dialogues Festival for over 10 years and is one third of free improvisation trio Lapslap.

Martin studied composition at the University of Manchester and completed a Ph.D in Composition at the University of Edinburgh in 2003. He is Academic Director of the University of Edinburgh’s MSc in Sound Design.

Some of his music is available on Ein Klang records; and

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