Job title: Head of Subject Area, Art; Senior Lecturer, School of Art


Office address: Main Building, D02

Research outputs: Dr Linda O Keeffe on Edinburgh Research Explorer

Dr Linda O Keeffe is an arts practitioner and theorist of sound. She has exhibited internationally with commissions for the UK city of Culture festival in Derry 2013, a solo show at the Leitrim Sculpture Centre in 2014 Spaces of Sound Radio Spaces, a commission for Irish Biennale in 2016, and is currently part of a touring exhibition of international female sound artists, Sounds Like Her, with her piece Hybrid Soundscapes I-IV, which is touring till 2020. She has created sound  designs for dance and theatre, most recently for the Horsefall Production Hidden, which was shortlisted for the Northern Soul Theatre Awards.  O Keeffe also works as a performance artist using gesture based and game controllers, as well as live coding and the voice.   

Linda has researched and written extensively about sound and the social, sound and ecology and sensory perception and the arts. She has given a number of Keynote talks and performances on her research in the US, Asia and Europe. In 2017 she was commissioned to give a keynote performance at the Cibelo Concert Hall in Madrid based on her research on gender sound and performance titled My Voice is Still Not Heard

Currently she is working on two research projects with international collaborators in Brazil and Malaysia. The first is exploring Gender and the Brazilian Sonic arts scene, the latter the emerging soundscapes of Asian Pop up Cities. 

Linda is open to supervising PhD students exploring sound in a variety of contexts from the arts to the social (including perception, gender, sensory studies, class), environmental (ecology, noise studies), performance and production. She is also keen to work with post doc researchers looking to advance the study of sound and the social and sound and gender theory.​

My main areas of research at this time are three, I am currently working on a project exploring gender and the sonic arts in Latin America, with a particular focus on Brazil. I am collaborating with a number of researchers and have released a number of albums, papers and performances. The research is explicitly looking at the gendered soundscape and the production of methodologies to explore gender, space and sound.  This is in part connected to my organisation Women in Sound Women on Sound In the summer of 2018 I spent 12 weeks travelling and working around Brazil, hosting a number of events, workshops and school engagement projects with my research partners Prof. Isabel Nogueira and Dr Rebecca Collins.

My second research project is exploring the soundscape of emerging Asian cities. I am collaborating with a researcher in Sunway City in Malaysia and we are exploring the development of what we are calling Pop Up Cities in the Asian and East Asian landscape. Our focus is on the increased privatisation and commodification of the soundscape in new cities. We are currently developing a number of outputs from installations to performances as well as community engaged projects.

Lastly, I have just finished a five year project examining the impact of eco technologies on rural and natural land and waterscapes. This has resulted in four years of field research in the UK, China, Spain and Iceland. Works produced include exhibitions, conference papers and installations, performances and paper and book chapter publications.

Information on all of this work can be found at and

Additionally I am editor in chief of the Interference Journal a journal of audio cultures.