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Role: ESALA Staff-Student Liaison

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Current PhD students

Ann Stewart-Sachs

PhD Supervision Topics

I studied Drawing and Painting, and History of Art as an undergraduate at the University of Edinburgh and Edinburgh College of Art (in those days, an independent institution). Going on to postgraduate research, I shared my  time between Edinburgh and Italy. My Ph.D. thesis dealt with the architectural patronage of Lodovico Gonzaga, Marquis of Mantua (1444-78).

As a university and college teacher, I had part-time and temporary contracts at several educational institutions over a number of years. My subjects were History of Art, History of Architecture and History of Photography. Since 1995, I have taught very largely in the area of History of Architecture in Edinburgh College of Art of the University of Edinburgh.

My scholarly interests are in Renaissance, architecture and theory, European Enlightenment, and photographic history and criticism. I have published in all these areas.  The major part of my scholarly energies, these days, are directed towards Leon Battista Alberti and the very extensive intellectual world that he inhabited.

Some work over the last few years:

'The extrinsic in the architectural thinking of Leon Battista Alberti: a reading of Sant' Andrea in Mantua,' Renaissance Studies, Vol.27, No.2, April 2013, pp.253-269

'A Rake’s Progress and the Fall of Rome,’ Word & Image, Vol.26, no.4, dec. 2010, pp.400-412

 ‘Patricia Macdonald Edge: Hebrides, essay by James Lawson,’ Portfolio, 52, Nov 2010, pp. 32-37

''Titian's Diana Pictures: the passing of an epoch', Artibus et Historiae, Nr 49, 2004, pp.49-63

'Giannozzo and Architecture in Alberti's Moral Writings', Albertiana, Vol.VII, 2004, pp.79-98

The Philosopher's Garden: Le Jardin du Philosophe, National Galleries of Scotland, 2004  'Explorations between image and space, In Navigating Stevenson: digital artworks by Sara Gadd.' Exhibition catalogue. Edinburgh: Scottish National Portrait Gallery, 2003 pp 38 - 43

'Alberti on Florence Cathedral,' Word and Image, 2002, Vol.18, no.4, pp.332-347.