As a filmmaker and researcher, Dr Itandehui Jansen is interested in the interrelation between fiction and documentary and in the synergy between film theory and practice.

She studied an MFA in Directing Film at the Film Academy in Amsterdam and finished her PhD at the Academy of Creative and Performing Arts at Leiden University in the Netherlands. Her PhD research focused on both practice and theory of Accented Cinema. At present she is interested in how cinema represents the art of filmmaking and how this is connected to aspects of self-reflexivity in film.

She has been a jury member for different film festivals and has participated in the reading committee of different script development programs.

Her own films have screened at many different international film festivals, such as the Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival and the Morelia International Film Festival. Her short film The Last Council received several international awards and was nominated to the Mexican Film Critics Award Diosa de Plata in 2013. Her most recent film project In Times of Rain combines a fictional approach with documentary elements and counts with the support of the Mexican Council for Arts and Culture (CONACULTA) for script development.

Itandehui is currently working on a practice-based research project which will result in a feature fiction film set in Mexico. The title of the project is In Times of Rain (Tiempo de lluvia).

A short synopsis for the film is: Soledad (45) is a traditional healer who lives with her grandson Jose (7) in an indigenous village in Mexico. Soledad’s daughter, Adela, moved to Mexico City to work many years ago. Adela is about to marry Chucho and in her desire to have a normal family life decides that Jose should join her in the city. Soledad vehemently opposes this idea. She believes the boy is better off in the village. While Soledad tries to find a way to grapple with the eminent loss of her grandson she continues her daily activities in the maize fields and tending to villagers who require her care.