Dr. Ioannis Panagiotou

Job title:

Tutor in Composing for Screen


Alison House


Dr. Ioannis Panagiotou is a UK-based artist and composer. Ioannis' art uses cross-media narratives for exploring issues of memory, migration and identity. His artworks take the form of audiovisual performances, installations and concerts. His art creates symbiotic relationships, where different media, materials, beings and events interact with each other by being approached as characters in the same play. This play aims to activate lost memories and sociocultural ghosts of the past. 

​Ioannis' works have been presented internationally in Japan, UK, Lithuania, Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland and Greece. He has made projects for b-side Festival, Dialogues Festival, PLUG Contemporary Music Festival, Greek National Opera, Audio Visual Arts Festival, St Andrews University, Days of Electroacoustic Music, Namiki Square, MIRY Concertzaal, MUSA Collection Centre, Vilniaus rotušė, Athens University Museum and the Museum of Asian Art. He has wored with F-Wakaba Dance, Plus-Minus Ensemble, Red Note Ensemble, Edinburgh Quartet, Decoda, Edinburgh Film Music Orchestra, Edinburgh Contemporary Ensemble, St Andrews New Music Ensemble, Theros Theatre Ensemble and Portativ Ensemble.


​​Ioannis is a Tutor in Composing for Screen at The University of Edinburgh, as well as a Tutor in Music and Sound for Games at the Academy of Music and Sound in Glasgow. He is also an Artist in Residence at the Zurich University of the Arts and a member of the International Confederation of Electroacoustic Music (HELMCA). He has made research and taught fine arts, multimedia, sound design and composition for media at the Royal Academy of Music (Aarhus), The University of Edinburgh and the Ionian University. Furthermore, he has been a Lecturer in HMP Portland Prison.


​Ioannis holds a PhD in Composition and Transdisciplinary Arts from The University of Edinburgh and has received an MA in Composition from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. He has also received an Integrated MA from the Ionian University, where he studied Composition for Film, Theatre and the Performing Arts. He has studied Composition with Martin Parker, Simon Steen-Andersen, David Fennessy, Juliana Hodkinson, Gareth Williams, Oliver Searle and Dimitra Trypani; Sonic Arts and Interactive Composition with Alistair McDonald; Film Music with Yati Durant; Fine Arts with Kevin Dagg and Bill Psarras, and Byzantine Musicology with Dimitrios Giannelos.


Music Composition, Sound Design, Composing for Screen, Music and Sound for Games, Intermedia.



Umwelt trilogy (2018-2022)


Panagiotou I.P. (2022) 'PLAY ME: the narrator as the threshold between informal andformal voices', MUSIC.OLOGY.ECA, Vol 3

Panagiotou, Gillot (2022) 'Coastal Path: where the liquid hags the solid', HMP Portland

Panagiotou I.P. ‘Proposal for a Dance Performance: Self-narrating through graphic media and notations’, MUSIC.OLOGY.ECA, Vol 2

Panagiotou, Kalogianni, I.P. D.K. (2020) 'The Memory Passage', The Mass (April-DECOLONISE), p. 46

PhD Supervision Topics

  • Music Composition
  • Transdisciplinary Arts
  • Multimedia/Intermedia
  • Sculpture
  • Music for Media
  • Sound Design
  • Music for Games
  • Community Music

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