Job title: Teaching Fellow, Architectural History


Emily Goetsch joined Architectural History as a Teaching Fellow in 2017. She specialises in the art and architecture of medieval Iberia and her recent research explores ideas of place and space, cultural exchange in the medieval world and the role of landscape in artistic and architectural traditions.  

She is the co-editor of the volume, Mountains, Mobilities and Movement (Palgrave Macmillan 2017), which proposes a mobile understanding of mountains, suggesting the impact of moving landscapes on cultures and societies. In addition to her contributions to this volume, Emily has published on the representation and significance of rivers in medieval Iberia and the agency of mountains in Iberian traditions.

Outside of her research, Emily co-curated the 2014 exhibition at the Tent Gallery, entitled Moving Mountains: Studies in Place, Society and Cultural Representation and co-organised the 2014 conference with the same name. She is also heavily involved in Widening Participation at the University of Edinburgh, working closely with colleagues across disciplines to make university education more accessible to those from all backgrounds.

Emily completed her PhD in 2014 in History of Art at the University of Edinburgh her MSc in the History of Art, Theory and Display in 2009, also at the University of Edinburgh and her BA in Art History and History from the University of Southern California in 2008.

Emily’s teaching is interdisciplinary and heavily informed by her research. In Spring 2018 she will be teaching The Spaces and Architecture of Pilgrimage, which explores the role of landscape and architecture in physical and mental pilgrimage of the medieval and early modern pilgrimages.  She will also be lecturing on medieval and early modern architecture and architectural theory in Architectural History 1, Architectural History 2 and Texts and Theories in Western Architecture.

Emily also lectures on medieval cartography, pilgrimage and material culture in History of Art 1 and has taught the honours course, Eating the Book: Word and Image in the Middle Ages.

Medieval Iberian art and architecture

Exchange in the medieval world

Landscape and ideas of space and place