Job title: Programme Director, Art - PhD/MPhil

Role: Co-Director of Visual Culture; Co-Director of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion


Research outputs: Dr Deborah Jackson on Edinburgh Research Explorer

Dr Deborah Jackson is the Programme Director for Art - PhD/MPhil; Co-Director of Visual Culture; and Co-Director of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (ECA).  Deborah supervises PhD students and is always interested in new enquiries in the areas associated with her research.​

She is also a curator, writer, Visiting Lecturer at Glasgow School of Art, and the Lead Editor for Visual Culture in Britain​.

Deborah is the Director for Art - PhD/Phil.

She is Co-Director of Visual Culture and 4th year Course Co-ordinator for Visual Culture Practice/Research Led Projects.

She is also Course Organiser for Feminism is for Everybody: Intersectionality, Art & Identity Politics.

Deborah is Editor of Visual Culture in Britain, Routledge.

Her research interests include: visual culture; cultures of self-organisation; curating; artist-run initiatives; critical practice; art and social process; alternative methods of production and display of contemporary art; alternative economies; feminism & intersectionality.​