Job title: Senior Lecturer, History of Art, History of Art PGR Director

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Office address: Room 0.65, Higgitt Gallery, Hunter Building

Contact time: Monday, 2pm - 3pm (Semester 2)

Research outputs: Dr Chia-ling Yang on Edinburgh Research Explorer

On sabbatical Semester 1, 2018-19.

Dr Chia-Ling Yang received her first degree from Chinese Literature at the National Taiwan University, a MA from Art History at the University of Warwick and her PhD at the University of London (SOAS) in Art and Archaeology. She was a visiting scholar at the Academia Sinica (Taiwan, 2000) and the University of Heidelberg (Germany, 2001-02), and was awarded a postdoctoral fellowship to research and teach in Art History at the University of Chicago (2003-04). Yang was Lecturer in Chinese Art at the University of Sussex (2004-07) and University of London (SOAS, 07-09) before she arrived in Edinburgh. She also lectures at the V&A and the British Museum on Chinese Painting.

Service to the Field

Board Member

  • Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) Benchmark Committee, UK (2007-17; 2017-27)

External Reviewer

  • Arts and Humanities Research Council, UK
  • Leverhulme Trust Funding, UK
  • The Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
  • London School of Economy Journal
  • The University of Hawai'i Press
  • Blackwell / Oxford University Publishing
  • Art HistoryLate Imperial China

Editorial Board

  • Han'guk Misul Yŏn'guso Journal (韓國美術研究所集刊)


  • Programme Director, MSc in History of Art, Theory and Display
  • MSc: Art and Society in Contemporary World-CHINA
  • MSc/Honours: Chinese Painting and Calligraphy-The Elite World of China
  • MSc: Culture and Politics in Display (convenor)
  • MSc: Art in the Global Middle Ages (lecture on core course)
  • MSc in Modern Art: History, Curating and Criticism (lecture on theory and methods)
  • Third Year: Modern Art in Shanghai, 1840-1930
  • Second Year: History of Art 2 

Research interests

Dr Yang researches principally on the Chinese painting, archaism in modern Chinese art, visual culture in Shanghai and its interactions with Japan and the West in 19th and 20th centuries.

She welcomes research students who are interested in Chinese painting and calligraphy, cross-cultural artistic production, and the visual culture of modern/contemporary China.  

Research outputs

For full details of Dr Yang’s research activities, please visit her Edinburgh Research Explorer profile.

Current PhD students

  • Technological Body in Becoming: Posthuman, Technology, and Chinese new media art
  • Repositioning Contemporary Chinese Ink Medium Art, 1978-2018: Zheng Chongbin – Migration, Internationalisation, Digitisation
  • Tradition-rediscovery and Trans-cultural Dialogues: Chen Shizeng and Beijing School of Painting, 1876-1923

PhD Supervision Topics


PhD Supervision 

  • (PhD Awarded) Pi-Fen Chung, Visible and Invisible -The Representation of Heaven in Tangut Esoteric Buddhist Images. Externally funded by Taiwanese Ministry of Education (MOE) Doctorate Scholarship
  • (2014 - ) Po-Han Yang, Reading Calligraphy from Taiwan: The Anxiety and Transformation of Contemporary Calligraphy. Externally funded by Taiwanese Ministry of Education (MOE) Doctorate Scholarship
  • (2016 - ) Alina Sinelnyk, Repositioning Contemporary Chinese Ink Medium Art, 1978-2018: Zheng Chongbin – Migration, Internationalisation, Digitisation
  • (2016 - ) Zi Wang, Tradition-rediscovered and Trans-cultural Dialogues: Chen Shizeng and Peking School of Painting, 1900-1945
  • (2016 - ) Colin Brady, How the West Came to Know Asia: The Role of Yamanaka and Company, Inc. in Art Dealing at the Wars
  • (2017 - ) Boram Lee, Reflected Identites: Korean, Taiwanese and Monchukuo Graduates of the Tokyo School of Fine Arts during the Japanese Colonial Period, 1895-1945
  • (2017- ) Mengxuan Sui, Seeing Pleasure in and out of the Court: The Image of "Beauty" in High Qing Beijing  

Past MSc Supervision 

  • (2016) Jian Geng, Sanyu’s Animal: From Chinese Tradition to Western Modernity

  • (2016) Zhijun Yang, Female Fashion Seen through the Calendar Posters in Shanghai from the 1910s to 1930s   

  • (2015) Nuoyi Chen, The Relationship between Chinese Contemporary Sculpture and the Doctrine of the Mean-With A Case Study of Cai Zhisong

  • (2015) Siyao Fu, Engaging with the Environment: An Aesthetic Inquiry into the Chinese Environmental Art
  • (2015) Xi He, Art of the Deal: A Case Study of Cai Guoqiang in Economic Perspective
  • (2015) Shangyangzi Jing, The Challenges of New Media Art Being Collected by Museums
  • (2015) Han Lu, Reconstruction of Memory: Chiharu Shiota’s Thread Installations
  • (2015) Alina Sinelynk, Ink Shan-Shui Art: New Media Dystopian Landscapes of Yang Yongliang and Chen Shao Xiong
  • (2015) Zi Wang, Traditional Art and Politics: Reconstruction of the Shanghai Seal World, 1949-1976
  • (2014) Denisa Tomkova, Identity cards as Biopolitical art in Eastern Europe produced between 1990s-2010
  • (2014) Anran Tu, Shiy De-Jinn’s Late Paintings (1966-1981): Localism and the Imagination of Taiwanese Cultural Identity
  • (2014) Xiaoshuang Wu, Does Gender Matter? De-tagging Lin Tianmiao’s Installation from Feminist Art and Evaluating her works beyond Gender
  • (2014) Yuqing Gong, Witness of Biopower:
 The presentation of sexuality in Cui Xiuwen’s artworks between 1997 - 2007
  • (2013) Lauren Ashby, The Ecology Of Place: Representation Of Personal Displacement In China’s Evolving Landscape
  • (2013) Lisa Shin, The Art Of Forbidden Love: Images Of Lovers Against Confucian Moral Ethics In Korea Between The Late Eighteenth And Nineteenth Centuries
  • (2013) Yuan Ti, The Discontinuity Of Contemporary Taiwanese Art: An Interpretation Of Chen Chieh-Jen
  • (2013) Shuang Yao, Idealized Schemata: Model And Module Of Chinese Architectural Paintings In Yuan Dynasty
  • (2013) Han-Min Lee, Xing Jing’s Naked Women: Realism, Feminism And Beyond
  • (2012) Yun-Ju Chou, Timing Art: Analyzing And Comparing Hsieh Tehching And Zhang Huan
  • (2012) Shiyu Gao, Social Changes In Contemporary Chinese Photography
  • (2012) Xiaoxiao Huang, Comparison Between Wu Guanzhong And Lin Fengmian: Composition, Colour And Meaning
  • (2012) Chia-Jung Kuo, The Influence Of Art After The Cultural Revolution: The Analysis Of Three Dimensions
  • (2012) Wei-Hsiu Lin, The Western Products In China Seen Through Posters, 1841-1949
  • (2011) Viktorija Kasperovica, Translating China: A Role Of Private And Public Capital In A Process Of Cultural Translation A Case Study Of Contemporary Chinese Art Exhibitions In Britain
  • (2011) Zhuoran Zhang, Cultural Nationalism And Lu Xun’s Woodcut Movement
  • (2011) Sau Wai Chim, The Global Diffusion Of Art Museum And Large-Scale Perennial Exhibition, And Their Mutation In The Twenty-First-Century China: A Case Study Of Guangdong Museum Of Art And Its Triennial
  • (2011) Marcus Pibworth, The Aesthetics Of Dismemberment: The Use Of Violence In Chinese Experimental Art 1990 – 2000
  • (2011) You Wang, Chinese Export Art: Past, Present And Future