Job title: Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellow


Research outputs: Dr Cath Keay on Edinburgh Research Explorer

Cath Keay’s research interests and artistic practice focus on sculpture and architecture as two ways to explore constructed form: viewing buildings as usable sculpture. Her doctoral project at Newcastle University examined chance and 'un-authored’ processes in sculpture and artists’ writing. As Helen Chadwick Fellow 2008-09 at the British School at Rome and Oxford University she produced new work in response to Italy’s legacy of 1930s children's holiday camp architecture. In 2012 the British Council and ACE funded a residency at Culturia in Berlin resulting in the solo exhibition Denkmal, exploring extant Expressionism and monumental sculpture. Her Middlesbrough Modern Beehives exhibited at MIMA in 2013 re-presented modular Brutalist architecture on Teesside as functioning beehives. Cath is also a member of experimental Newcastle group Noizechoir, and has developed collaborative work with musical improvisers, beekeepers, marine biologists and others.

Cath’s Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship at ECA investigates Expressionist experimentation. The 1919 Gläserne Kette of German architects and artists exchanged letters and drawings setting out their radical, visionary ideas of formal extravagance and technologically advanced societies. A century on, leading international artists, architects and film makers will celebrate the ethos of the original correspondence using new technologies, sharing digital expressions of their own ideals and challenging each other to develop form through traditional and digital fabrication.