Dr. Ana Bonet Miro

Job title:

Lecturer in Architectural Design and Architectural Technology


Exchanges Coordinator


Dr. Ana Bonet Miro is Lecturer in Architectural Design and Architectural Technology at ESALA, ECA, UoE, since 2015. She has been a chartered architect in UK and Spain, where she studied, lectured and practised as co-founder of the practice bblab in Madrid in 2000 with Luca Brunelli. Their professional work has been awarded and published internationally, such as Elemental: Incremental Housing and Participatory Design Manual, 2012, 2016, Häuser Award 2012, München, 2012; Madrid 100%II, Madrid, 2011; Informes de la Construcción (CSIC), Madrid, 2007, Arquitectos, Consejo Superior de los Colegios de Arquitectos de España, Madrid, 2007.  

She teaches architectural design across the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, currently Course Organiser for the MArch Integrated Pathway Studio Crossing Panamá and leading the seminar The Architect in the Archive for Studies in Contemporary Architectural Theory. She has been Course Organiser in Year 4 and Year 2 in the MA/BA Architecture programme. As the ESALA Exchanges Coordinator she is pursuing new student exchange partnerships.  

Her research focuses on Joan Littlewood’s and Cedric Price’s Fun Palace (1961-1975), closely analysing the project’s construction and circulation through different media forms across its almost sixty-year long reception history to decentre the familiar architectural narrative of the project in favour of its more ambitious cultural agenda. It has been funded by the British Spanish Society in 2014, the ECA Staff Scholarship Scheme, and the ECA Barrie Wilson Award, between 2015-2018. She has published in Architecture and CultureARQ: Architectural Research QuarterlyRA:Revista de Arquitectura. She has written for Drawing Matter, and has contributed to the podcast series Power & Public Space by the Architecture Foundation and Drawing Mater, in 2022. She was keynote speaker at the 1st International Cedric Price Day, Stafford University in 2021, and is now preparing the monograph Architecture, Media, Archives to be published by Bloomsbury Visual Arts in 2024. More broadly, her research explores the cultural dimension of architectural artefacts and discourses.

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