Job title: Lecturer, Performance Costume, School of Design

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David Wilcox currently teaches on the Performance Costume programmes at Edinburgh College of Art (ECA), where his specialist subject area is historical pattern cutting, although he teaches general pattern cutting and costume construction as well as costume design.

Before taking up post at ECA, David worked in theatre, opera and film as a costume maker and designer. Through this experience, he became aware of the lack of detailed information on the cut and construction of European men’s clothing from earlier centuries.

In consequence, in parallel with his teaching, David Wilcox also researches the history of European men’s clothing, from 1600 to 1850. The principal objective of this research is the mapping out of as wide a variety of clothing as possible (from extant items) in as detailed a fashion as possible so that the evolution of both cut and construction can be followed.  The approach is documentary: the recording of physical measurements of each garment’s two-dimensional fabric pieces as scale drawings which are then annotated with further details of the processes of construction.

He has contributed to a number of projects at National Museums Scotland and continues to develop research for publication. Currently, he is working on Scottish male dress, circa 1700.

Recent publications

A Seventeenth-Century Doublet from Scotland   Wilcox, D., Payne, S., Pardoe, T. & Mikhaila, N.  In : Costume . 45 (2011) p. 39-62, 24 p.
The Clothing of a Georgian Banker, Thomas Coutts: A Story of Museum Dispersal   Wilcox, D. In : Costume . 46(1) (2012) p. 17-54, 38 p.
A Suit of Silver: The Underdress of a Knight of the Garter in the Late Seventeenth Century   Wilcox, D. In: Costume. 48(1) (2014) – in press

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