David Moore studied at Edinburgh College of Art between 1982 and 1988. He has exhibited in many countries and has work in public and private collections around the world.

“I never seek to be placed in any category or definitive artistic context, whether that be formal or conceptual and whilst this can be problematic as an artists, in terms of reputation or recognition for a characteristic–style, it also allows a creative freedom within my  practice that I find more valuable”.

His work is however underpinned by a set of sculpture-based foundations relating to form, space and presence and he sees his forays into other media and disciplines as an extension of this way of thinking about art. For Moore the work is usually made in response to ideas around place or to events and experiences related to particular spaces.

Recently he has been working collaboratively with London-based artist Kate Davis. Their work crosses into several different artistic areas; from public art, to film, text and collage.

In 2007, while Davis was artist in residence at The Wordsworth Trust, Moore assisted her in the fabrication and installation of her exhibition headhearthole. From this he went on to work with her on the development and completion of a Docklands Light Railway commission with Modus Operandi to site four new permanent works at Langdon Park Station In London (2008-2011). They are currently working on a series of public works commissioned by the property developers St James and managed by Futurecity for the Riverlight Development in Nine Elms, London. The permanent works will be installed early in 2014.

Their other current interests lie in the similarities they have found in working with text/poetry and collage. Both forms of creative expression utilise the process of cutting and pasting as a means for adapting and refining either text or imagery. Adopting this technique allows them to work with each other in a very direct collaborative manner and the authorship of the finished works is often undecipherable.

They have developed this method of working through undertaking residencies in Spain at the Cortijada Los Gazquez - Parque Natural Sierra Maria Los Velez, Andalucia and at the Cornelius foundation at Lagamas near Montpelier in the South of France. Some of this work has found it’s way back into the public realm through the creation of physical text fragments from whole poems and these have been realised in permanent materials and sighted into both private and public spaces. The most recent works have been realised for the grounds of the Châteaux Lagamas and the University Park in Nottingham.

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