Programme: Creative Music Practice - PhD

Start date: September 2015

Mode of study: Full time

Research title: Complex musical behaviours by time-variant nonlinear feedback networks and distributed adaptivity: a study on dynamical infrastructures in real-time systems and their application in live performance

Dario Sanfilippo is a feedback systems specialist, sound artist, performer, theorist and audio programmer. He is currently being supported by the University of Edinburgh where he is a PhD researcher and  teaching fellow. His research is on complex adaptive systems for human-­machine interaction performance, autonomous sound installations and non-­conventional music and sound synthesis techniques. His work has been presented in international festivals, conferences, research centres and universities all over Europe.

Non-real-time systems and algorithmic composition

Sound design

Sonic structures

Digital media studio project

Complex adaptive systems; time-variant feedback networks; systemic composition and improvisation; autonomous systems, AI and ALife; non-conventional music analysis and synthesis; audio programming.

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