Programme: Architecture - PhD/MPhil/MSc by Research

Start date: September 2015

Mode of study: Full time

Research title: Architectural Afflatus: Designing, Planning and Deep Mapping Dalkeith Palace

Daniel Bochman is a PhD candidate at the University of Edinburgh, studying Architecture and its intersection with the Digital Geo-Humanities. A primary research focus for Daniel is connecting the geographical themes of space and place to both the built environment and innovative conservation techniques. To do so, Daniel's architectural research incorporates onsite fieldwork, archival examination and design-led thinking with such contemporary technologies as aerial drone (UAV) analysis, LiDAR, GIS, remote sensing and 3D scanning, modeling and printing.

Daniel completed his Master of Science degree in Architecture at the University of Edinburgh and holds Bachelor of Science degrees in Geography, Geographic Information Systems and History from the University of Wisconsin system (U.S.A.). Daniel has conducted international field research projects, ranging from mapping the differential burial practices along the Nile River in Egypt to studying colonial architectural output in Belize and Guatemala. He has also travelled extensively throughout China and Japan, where he taught in and managed English language camps. Additionally, Daniel has previous professional experience working in Data Visualisation and Analytics for a multi-national technology firm with Fortune 500 clients.​

In addition to researching and teaching students, Daniel enjoys exploring the 'layers' of architecture and its impact and influence around the world. He is excited to share his passion for architecture and geography with others as well as collaborate on research projects with colleagues and peers.

  • Lecturer for 'The Scottish Country House: Class, Gender and Politics' (ARHI1004) course (forthcoming) at The University of Edinburgh
  • Teaching Assistant for the 'Archives: History, Geography and Politics' (PGGE11134) course (Autumn 2017) at The University of Edinburgh
  • Adjunct lecturer for Geography and Architectural courses for the University of Wisconsin system (Autumn 2015 – present)​

Research Interests

  • Archival research 
  • The architecture of exclusion and spatial justice​
  • The development of the Scottish country estate​
  • Digital comprehension of spatial narratives  
  • Digital technology in contemporary historic conservation and preservation  
  • Landscape and country house architecture
  • The role of social and material networks and architectural output
  • Seventeenth- and eighteenth-century architecture​
  • Visualising space and place within the architectural narrative



  • 'Spatial Legacies: Building Economy, Innovation and Patronage at Dalkeith Palace' in The Architecture of Scotland in its European Setting: 1660-1750, Edinburgh University Press (forthcoming 2018).
  • Bochman, D. Rev. of The 3rd Duke of Buccleuch and Adam Smith, author Brian Bonnyman. Northern Scotland: Dec. 2017. 


Conferences and Presentations

  • Conference Presentation, Drones, LiDAR & 3D Scanning: A Deep Map of Dalkeith Palace, The Society of Architectural Historians – USA, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA (forthcoming, April 2018)
  • Panel Moderator, Scotland's Garden and Landscape Heritage Research Seminar, Scottish Graduate School for Arts and Humanities, Perth, Scotland (2017)
  • Presentation, The Patrons and Architects of Dalkeith Palace, The Borders Art Fund, Dalkeith Palace, Dalkeith, Scotland (2016) 
  • Presentation/Poster, Uisge Beatha: A Deep Map of Islay, North American Cartographic Information Society, Colorado   Springs, Colorado, USA (2016)
  • Presentation (onsite), The Duchess of Buccleuch and Dalkeith PalaceThe Architecture of Scotland in its European Setting:  1660-1750, Edinburgh College of Art Conference, The University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland (2015)
  • Presentation, Mobile Touch Data Visualization Analytics Across Multi-Tenant Platforms, Microsoft's Global Tech Summit, Seattle, USA (2014)
  • Paper & Poster, The Diaspora of the Scottish Palladian, The University of Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture Graduate Conference, Edinburgh, Scotland (2011)
  • Paper, The Other Side of the Loch: Edinburgh's New Town, Association of American Geographers, Macalester College, USA (2010)
  • Poster, Physical Map of Yellowstone National Park, North American Cartographic Information Society, Sacramento, California, USA (2010)