Job title: Lecturer, Drawing and Painting


Research outputs: Colin Lawson on Edinburgh Research Explorer

I was born in 1959, in Dunfermline, and I currently live and work in East Lothian as a painter, and lecturer in painting, at Edinburgh College of Art within the University of Edinburgh. My paintings and animated works primarily investigate the relationship between the painted surface and music. Collaborating regularly with musicians and sound artists, I have worked with the London Symphony Orchestra in Bosnia, Mr. McFall’s Chamber in Edinburgh, Glasgow and the Shetland Isles and recently with Marconi Union in Manchester and Norway.

I am interested in the extended life of painting. Through collaborative projects with musicians and artists, I work with tools such as file sharing, animation and projection to research the various applications of painting and the space painting can occupy in contemporary art.

The real fascination is with surface – the painted surface and its connection to the sound surface. I am greatly influenced by electronic and ambient music; in particular its ability to envelop the listener without drawing attention to itself.

From the early experiments of John Cage through the experimental recording processes of Miles Davis and on to the present day work of Brian Eno, I have been working towards a visual equivalent of this remarkable music.

My collaborative painting animations are a means of directly connecting my work with the music and soundscapes that inform it. The animations are created from manipulated scans of paintings which are animated to evolve visually with their aural counterpart.

As a teacher of painting my intention is to promote the discipline and clarify the importance of painting as contemporary art practice.  My experience of working with a wide range of materials, formats and techniques informs my approach and provides the foundation for tutorial guidance at all levels.