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Architecture - PhD/MPhil/MSc by Research

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Valuing The Yet-To Be-Loved – The Conscientious Retrofitting for People and Place, Homes and Heritage


My research focuses on the practical conservation of post-war mass housing in Britain. Post-war mass housing, once a pioneering solution to a dire need for homes, now faces neglect, residulisation, and demolition, displacing residents and incurring a substantial environmental cost. My thesis aims to critically examine these trends, the past poor treatment of these homes, and establish retrofitting as both a regenerative and protective strategy. By bridging the gap between retrofitting practices and heritage considerations, and since retrofitting has become a necessity for the majority of these homes, my research offers a significant contribution to scholarship. My project aims to outline a means of retaining the architectural significance of post-war mass housing whilst addressing the potentially perilous living conditions.