Programme: Architecture - PhD/MPhil/MSc by Research

Start date: September 2017

Mode of study: Full time

Research title: Conservation of Uncertain Monuments: The Case of Pre-historic Scottish Brochs

The sophisticated drystone Iron-Age brochs of Northern Scotland, called Complex Atlantic Roundhouses by archaeologists, show a relatively high technological culture of these people. Their conservation should be based on their key features (structure, materials, building types, architectural elements) but there is little agreement on them because of the lack of confirmation for a standard broch scheme and the need of excavations and further archaeological research. This topic has an interdisciplinary complexity which should weigh the values of the different aspects of brochs and the characteristics of the people involved, not only the (obvious) local community members but also the broader communities of scholars (archaeologists, architects, historians) and professionals (authorities, architects, engineers). ​

This research aims to challenge the common conservation strategies by proposing a conservation theory framework, taking pre-historic Scottish brochs as a paradigm of universal monuments conserved without knowing the origin.