Job title: Lecturer in Landscape Architecture


Office address: Hunter Building, Room R.01G

Anaïs Chanon is a Landscape Architect and Lecturer at the Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture.

She holds a Diploma in Art and Design from the Duperré National School of Design (Paris, France) and a Masters in Landscape Architecture from the National School of Landscape Architecture (Versailles, France).

Anaïs co-founded GRAFT, an award-winning landscape architecture collective based in Scotland and France. She has extensive experience of facilitating community engagement and delivering landscape projects to implement meaningful change on the ground.

Her approach is based on researching through making, being immersed in the landscape and engaging with sites and their living communities, both human and more-than-human. Understanding how to design for social and environmental justice in a complex age of climate emergency is the main driving force behind her landscape practice, research and teaching ethos. She is also an active member of ESALA Declares, a working group aiming to de-carbonise academic practice at ESALA.

Anaïs's process-oriented and cinematic drawings weave through the various aspects of her work.