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A photo of the final poster design on a wall outside ECA. The poster features Aner's illustration and the information about the competition.

Congratulations to Edinburgh College of Art BA (Hons) Illustration student Aner Wang, whose illustration has been selected to appear on promotional materials for a University-wide book collecting competition.

The poster is the result of a competition open to all Graphic Design and Illustration students at ECA, to design the poster for the David Laing Book Collecting Prize. Aner’s design was selected, winning her the £250 prize and the opportunity to see her design on posters across campus.

Aner is in her third year of the BA (Hons) Illustration programme, led by Programme Director Harvey Dingwall. Aner said: “I got involved in the competition because I am very interested in poster design and also like to collect diverse books.”

Design inspiration

Explaining the inspiration behind her design, she said: “My drawing style was inspired by the illustrator of children's books, Jon Klassen, and is childlike and eye-catching to attract the audience's attention and convey that the David Laing book collecting prize is a very engaging opportunity.

“I tested several different colour palettes and finally chose blue and black. I did the illustration and the poster design digitally, using a software called Procreate, using textures similar to Riso printing to make it more textured and detailed.”

ECA’s Graphic Design Officer Nicky Regan was part of the judging panel for the poster competition. She said: "The judges loved the charm and simplicity of Aner’s submission, which artfully summed up the idea of an avid collector and their cherished pile of books.”

Also on the judging panel were the University’s Head of Heritage Collections (Research & Curatorial) Daryl Green and ECA Principal Juan Cruz.

Aner’s design is printed on posters across the University and in a large-scale vinyl at the University Main Library.

The David Laing Student Book Collecting Prize

The David Laing Book Collecting Prize is open now, aiming to encourage collecting by recognising a collection formed by a student, with a prize of £500. To enter, students are asked to submit an essay about their collection. 

The prize is offered in honour of David Laing (1793 -1878), the distinguished antiquarian, collector and librarian who bequeathed his important collection of manuscripts and other materials to the University of Edinburgh in 1878.

The competition is open now to all students until 9am on Monday 20 March 2023. Find out more on the University Main Library website.

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