Three aerial images made by Patricia Macdonald in collaboration with Angus Macdonald are featured in The View from Here, an exhibition of landscape photography from the permanent collections of the National Galleries of Scotland.

Long-term collaborators on the Aerographica Partnership, Dr Patricia Macdonald and Professor Angus Macdonald both play a highly active role at Edinburgh College of Art (ECA), Patricia as an Honorary Fellow, and Angus as Professor Emeritus.

Through the Aerographica Partnership, Patricia and Angus specialise in environmental research, record and interpretation of the history and present condition of the natural heritage (including the earth heritage) and of cultural landscapes, mainly using aerial photography and environment-related aerial art projects.

The images currently on show in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery (SNPG) raise interesting questions about the characteristics and role of aerial photography in present-day environmental record, artwork, interpretation and activism.

Aerial views: Ground Truths?

Patricia Macdonald will be exploring the images included in The View from Here, one of which has been chosen as the poster for the show, in a public lecture at SNPG on 1st March 2017.  

The lecture, ‘Aerial views: Ground Truths?’, is part of the National Galleries of Scotland’s interpretation programme for the exhibition and, as well as the three images included in the exhibition, Patricia will also discuss ground-based imagery and further aerial material from different years, from the same locations, and other related material.

She will be investigating similar questions with postgraduate students at ECA on 15th March 2017 in 'Tales from the Unwild', an Architectural Conservation Masterclass focussing on current, controversial and widespread environmental issues in Scotland, several of which relate to various aspects of ecological disturbance and resilience discussed in another current exhibition and related publication, After the Storm.

One of the images in The View from Here forms the starting point for the time-lapse aerial triptych that is Patricia’s contribution to After the Storm, which is currently on show at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh featuring work by a range of ECA staff and students, as well as new furniture from storm-felled trees.  

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The View from Here is at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh, from 29th October 2016 to 30th April 2017. 

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