Are you someone who likes to be clued-up on the who’s who of up-and-coming creators and what’s happening in Edinburgh? Online magazine Muse offers exactly that – featuring interviews with talented young people cherry-picked by editors Issy, Rosie and Rose. Web intern Rachel Lee spoke with the three Edinburgh students about Muse.

Muse is a lot more than just your standard arts and culture online magazine. It aims to showcase emerging artistic individuals who are shaping Edinburgh’s cultural scene. “We want Muse to be thought of as a hearth for nurturing and inspiring creative talent, almost like an agency in a sense,” said Editor Issy Carr. Issy explained why the name was picked, “we wanted a title which encapsulated the idea of ‘people’ or ‘forces’ being a source of inspiration for writers like ourselves.”

Being three young people based in Edinburgh, they combined both their interest in the city’s art scene and their connections to their innovative peers at Edinburgh College of Art (ECA) and the wider University. “Currently, we are exclusive to Edinburgh in the hope of creating a close-knit kinship across the city,” said Issy.

Muse’s editorship comprises of Rose Brookfield, who studies English Literature, Rosie Dunford Wood, who studies History of Art, and Issy Carr, who combines the two. The trio realised that they wanted an output for their articles that would combine their love of writing as well as their unique interests and opinions of film, art, literature and reporting. In September 2017, Muse magazine was born.

“We then looked at the bigger picture, and began to understand the impact that an influential and active creative arts platform could have, in terms of connecting individuals”, said Rose.

The website’s chic and sleek design is immediately striking, so it is impressive that it was put together by people with no prior knowledge of website building. The students regarded this as one of their biggest challenges in the initial days of Muse – on top of juggling university deadlines – but the hard work has undoubtedly paid off. “Now, every day there is an update, as we are frequently being contacted with exciting proposals or ideas for the future,” said Rosie.

The students have big plans for the future of Muse: “Our first feature aimed to break away from any creative shyness by showcasing some of Edinburgh’s fantastic, driven individuals,” said Issy. They would now like to provide more visual content and are currently expanding their team to be able to provide their readers with more frequent updates.

“In the future once we have, hopefully, got a bigger following and more people involved,” said Issy, “we would like to host a night which incorporates art, film and music.”

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