Seven Edinburgh College of Art (ECA) students are currently preparing to display work in London. This self-initiated exhibition, entitled Cyan.Rar, has been organised by Ayshia Taskin, a second year postgraduate student in Contemporary Art Practice. The exhibition runs from 22-29 November 2019 at Islington Arts Factory and features work spanning painting, printmaking, sculpture and performance.

This group exhibition includes students from the School of Art from a range of programmes and year groups, including:

  • ‘Carol’ Ko Huai Ching, Contemporary Art Practice, 2nd Year
  • Youngha Kim, Contemporary Art Practice, 2nd Year
  • Aisling Browne, Contemporary Art Practice, 2nd Year
  • Natasha Moody, Intermedia, Fine Art 5th Year
  • Robbie Di Vito, Contemporary Art Practice, 2nd Year
  • Ayshia Taskin, Contemporary Art Practice, 2nd Year
  • Rachel Innes, Painting, 4th Year

The exhibition has come about through connections Ayshia made during the summer after previously organising Transient, an exhibition with another group of ECA students at Many Studios in the Barras area of Glasgow.

During the run of Transient, she connected with the Islington Arts Factory and started talking to them about curating a show with them in November. Ayshia says that they “were amazingly understanding and helpful towards us in setting up Cyan.Rar. After heaps of ignored and refused emails, it was a fresh relief.”

Once the date was confirmed, Ayshia issued an open call to her fellow ECA students, which gained a large amount of interest.

Photograph of the students involved in the exhibition
Image: Ayshia Taskin
The seven School of Art students staging the Cyan.Rar exhibition. L-R: Carol Ko Huai Ching, Natasha Moody, Youngha Kim, Ayshia Taskin, Rachel Innes, Aisling Browne and Robbie Di Vito.

"“It’s a fantastic chance for us all to gain independence and understand the mechanisms of putting on a show outside a familiar environment. Also, it's great to have the chance to talk about our work with the public and build relationships with galleries. I’m thrilled about putting on a show with a fabulous group of artists.”"

Ayshia Taskin

Cyan.Rar is a fantastic opportunity for students to work together and display their work in one of London's busiest art districts.

All of the participants feel excited about taking part in the show. “It’s always good to show somewhere different, and it will be a great experience," says Aisling Browne from second year Contemporary Art Practice.

Rachel Innes, from fourth year Painting adds, “I hope to be able to meet new people in a different area of the country. It's been a challenge preparing for an exhibition in a different city, not having seen the space prior to setting up. Hopefully, if all goes well, each of us will have gained something from the experience, even a few extra social media followers, and we will be a step closer to the realising the dream of being self-sufficient artists.”

For Ayshia, it’s the freedom that comes with travelling and meeting new people that is of significant interest to her. “I'm looking forward to having conversations outside my usual structures and developing a sense of independence that comes with showing work in a different location. I’m curious about how the work will look in the space but energised about meeting the people at Islington Arts Factory who were understanding and supportive of us showing work in their gallery.”

The exhibition Cyan.Rar runs at Islington Arts Factory in London, 22- 29 November.