Dr. Brian Hamilton, a Reid School of Music Postdoctoral Research Fellow and member of the University's Acoustics and Audio Group, has won £7,500 of funding in the latest round of Scottish Edge "Wild Card Edge" awards.

The funding will support a new start-up venture called Roomerical.

Roomerical aims to provide state-of-the-art acoustic simulations to acousticians and architects, allowing them to understand a building's acoustics at the design phase in order to identify and fix acoustical defects, thereby reducing the expense of retrofits after breaking ground.

The underpinning technology behind Roomerical is the result of five years of research within the ERC-funded project NESS (NExt generation Sound Synthesis) and the ongoing follow-on project WRAM (Wave Based Room Acoustics Modelling), led by Dr. Stefan Bilbao.

As for next steps, Brian says, "This proof-of-concept project (WRAM) continues until June 2018. Over the next year I'll continue to develop the core technology with the help of a software developer from EPCC. Also, we'll be conducting validation tests using real-life scenarios to demonstrate the commercial potential of our technology."

Brian completed his PhD at the University of Edinburgh in November 2016 with his dissertation entitled "Finite Difference and Finite Volume Methods for Wave-based Modelling of Room Acoustics".

About the Acoustics and Audio Group at the University of Edinburgh

The Group currently consists of eight academic staff and around a dozen postgraduate students. It has members and associations across the University, with particular presence in the Reid School of Music, the School of Physics and Astronomy, and the School of Engineering.

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