A new project entitled 'Crusing the 70s' has launched at Edinburgh College of Art (ECA). Dr Glyn Davis from the School of Design will lead the three-year, Humanities in the European Research Area (HERA)-funded project. It is one of 18 projects chosen by HERA after 605 submissions to their 'Uses of the Past' scheme, and it has been awarded a budget of €1.19 million.

Cruising the 70s will attempt to unearth queer archival materials from the 1970s that are in danger of being lost, or that have been sidelined. It will ask what use and value these materials can have for contemporary LGBTQ people.

'The theme "Uses of the Past"', says HERA, 'recognises that in order to understand the pressing societal questions of identity, integration, political legitimacy, creativity and cultural dynamics across Europe, we need to understand how societies use and reflect upon the past.'

The project involves research teams in four countries: Germany, Spain, Poland and the UK. The Principal Investigators on the project - and co-authors of the project proposal - are Dr Fiona Anderson (Newcastle University), Dr Tomasz Basiuk (University of Warsaw), Professor Andreas Krass (Humboldt University, Berlin) and Professor Juan Suarez (University of Murcia). The project also involves 19 associate partners spread across the four partner countries.

On 15 July 2016, Cruising the 70s was launched at ECA with a weekend of events that included screenings and readings. A programme of large-scale conferences, symposia and exhibitions, and smaller satellite events will be rolled out by Cruising the 70s across the three years of the project. An official website for the project will also launch shortly.