Karolina Koczynska is the first ever student from Edinburgh College of Art (ECA) to have been awarded a prestigious Polish and Slavic Federal Credit Union Scholarship.

The PSFCU Scholarship recognises young Polish-American students committed to engagement with their local communities and has been given to Karolina for her doctoral research into Polish surrealism during the inter-war period ’Artes and the Myths of Surrealism in Interwar Poland’.

“I’m delighted to be chosen for the PSFCU Scholarship” said Karolina “and look forward to taking advantage of the research opportunities it has made possible. My supervisory team and ECA’s Dada and Surrealism Research Group have helped me develop my ideas into a workable project, and the funding will help make this project a reality.”

The Scholarship will enable Karolina to perform the field research central to her project, and will support her conducting archival work in key institutions across Poland and Ukraine, including the Ossoliński National Institute, the National Museum in Wrocław, and the Lviv National Vasyl Stefanyk Scientific Library of Ukraine.

“Karolina’s work promises to transform our understanding of Polish surrealism”, said her supervisor Dr Patricia Allmer. “This area is very under-researched and little material is available in translation, so researching original documents in archives is a crucial element of Karolina’s project.”

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