A paper presented by members of the NESS project at Edinburgh College of Art (ECA) has won one of the Best Paper awards at the 18th International Conference on Digital Audio Effects (DAFx-15).

The paper, Two-polarization Finite Difference Model of Bowed Strings with Nonlinear Contact and Friction Forces, was led by Charlotte Desvages, a third year PhD student. 

She says of her success and her trip to the conference in Norway...

“I really didn't expect this, especially because this was the first time I attended DAFx! This year, all the Best Paper prizes turned out to be awarded to student papers, and I'm honoured to have been chosen for one of them, along with my co-author and supervisor Stefan Bilbao. This is definitely encouraging, and a great confidence boost of course!

I had a great time at the conference, with many captivating talks, and a great music and social programme. Edinburgh was very well represented, with five papers from our Acoustics and Audio Group, all splendidly received. I'll definitely go back in the future!”

From Physics degree to outstanding Audio Engineering student

Charlotte is a Physics graduate who came to Edinburgh in 2012 to undertake an MSc in Acoustics and Music Technology at ECA. On completion of her MSc, she obtained a scholarship from the College to undertake a PhD on violin acoustics and numerical modelling within our Acoustics and Audio Group.

She is supervised by Dr Michael Newton and Dr Stefan Bilbao and has been affiliated with the NESS project since early 2014. In September 2014, she was named as the Emil Torick Scholar by the Audio Engineering Society (only one such award is made worldwide each year).

NESS (Next Generation Sound Synthesis) is a major European Research Council-funded project run jointly by the Acoustics and Audio Group and the Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre. It addresses the challenges and opportunities associated with synthetic sound technology using modern parallel hardware.

International Conference on Digital Audio Effects

The 18th International Conference on Digital Audio Effects (DAFx-15) was held in Trondheim, Norway from 30th November to 3rd December 2015.

The NESS paper was presented in a session on physical modelling, the second of the conferences 11 oral sessions.

In the same session, Craig Webb (Research Assistant at ECA) and Stefan Bilbao presented their paper, On the limits of real-time physical modelling synthesis with a modular environment.

Stefan also chaired the Conference session on virtual analog approaches.

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