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Image showing people holding musical instruments
Professor Katie Overy, Reid School of Music, is collaborating with Dr Judith Okely, Psychology, Edinburgh Napier University, to set up a nationwide music research volunteer database.

There is growing, interdisciplinary research interest in the positive and powerful nature of musical experience.

The aim of the new Music Research Volunteer Database is to encourage individuals with any amount or type of musical experience (including music listening, singing, dancing, DJing and playing a musical instrument) to contribute to this growing body of research. 

The database is open to anyone who would like to participate in future studies (age 18 and over).

To register on the database, please sign up here: Music Research Volunteer Database

The idea for the database arose out of a recent ESRC funded project “Lifetime musical experience and healthy ageing” (2019-2022). In collaboration with the Lothian Birth Cohorts team, the researchers found positive relationships between aspects of musical experience and healthy ageing.

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