From the 23rd to 25th February, 26 students and two staff from Kindai University, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan, visited ESALA (The Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture) for a short-term teaching exchange. The visiting group was led by Professor Shinichi Ogawa and Professor Masakazu Terai, and comprised of second and third year undergraduate architecture students.

The teaching exchange was organised in collaboration with ESALA staff members Dr Liam Ross and Dr Tolulope Onabolu. Guests engaged in a dual language review of current ESALA students projects. Participating ESALA students presented work being completed as part of Ross and Onabolu’s Master of Architecture studio ‘Fire Space: London’. The student projects and discussion focussed on the impact of fire on urban planning – particularly the effects of bomb damage - an important shaping factor in the design of both London and Hiroshima.

The dual-language review was assisted by real-time translation, provided by University of Edinburgh Japan scholars, Daisy Clarke and Max Guerrera-Sapone.  The exchange concluded with a tour of contemporary architectural projects in Edinburgh, led by ESALA student Marie de Bryas. The group then continued their trip, with an itinerary of visits to other architectural schools and practices, including Zaha Hadid Architects and Foster Associates, London, as well as Herzog + de Meuron, BIG, Columbia University and Rensellear Polytechnic Institute, New York.

The exchange took part through a memorandum of agreement between Edinburgh College of Art and Kindai University supporting short term research and teaching exchanges between the two institutions.  

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