Our MSc History of Art students visited the Queen's Gallery at Holyrood Palace on Thursday 21st January. In this short article, student Mariana Almeida Magaña explains what happened.

"As part of the ‘Culture and Politics of Display’ course (a key component of the MSc programme in History of Art, Theory & Display) we had the opportunity to listen to Deborah Clark, a senior curator of the Royal Collection, about the process of creating a current exhibition in the Queen’s Gallery: Scottish Artists. 1750-1900, From Caledonia to the Continent, as well as visiting the exhibition.

It was a very thought-provoking experience, as the curator explained how the idea of an exhibition is born, depending on the qualities of the collection and what can be offered to the public; the process of discussion and research that follows, what are the possible difficulties that curators can meet, such as taking into account the size of the artworks, their conservation status, etcetera.

As many of us, the students, want to work in museums and galleries having the opportunity to learn from people working is this area is fundamental. It also allows us to see how what we learn in our courses is applied in the real world. The exhibition itself was quite interesting, as it has extremely valuable artworks from the Royal Collection: it was beautifully designed, had a well-thought out display, and included plenty of resources for the public."