The end of Isotta Pages’ studies were not what she had imagined. With the Degree Show cancelled, graduating during a pandemic and traditional opportunities to exhibit work on hold, the 2020 Fine Art graduate knew she had to pivot and take her practice in a different direction leading her to create Art Is… a podcast that visualises the future of the art world. 

Recent Fine Art graduate Isotta Page left ECA feeling like the art world had ground to a halt. Looking for alternative opportunities to explore the future of her creative practice, Isotta joined Creative Bridge, an accelerator course run by CodeBase, Edinburgh. It was during her time at Creative Bridge that Isotta, a long-time listener of podcasts, found the courage to start creating a podcast of her own. “I immediately knew that I wanted to create a podcast for emerging artists and early-career creatives; people like me. The idea for my podcast Art Is… went through various iterations and in the end, I made the podcast that I was looking for when I was an art student.” 

Despite not having any podcasting experience, Isotta got to work - developing her idea and trying to uncover the practical requirements for building it into a success. Isotta researched best practice by listening to her favourite podcasts and investigating what made them work. However, as the research continued, the more Isotta became daunted by the enormity of creating a quality show. This all changed when she was introduced to the On Deck Podcasting Fellowship (ODP) and in February 2021 Isotta was accepted into the 8-week intensive program "ODP changed my life, it enabled me to launch my podcast, build an incredible network of talented interdisciplinary podcasters all around the globe and chart a course for the growth of Art Is…” 

Isotta Page by Tayo Adekunle
Photograph by Tayo Adekunle
Isotta Page, 2020 Fine Art alumna

"I wanted to create a podcast for emerging artists and early-career creatives; people like me.. in the end, I made the podcast that I was looking for when I was an art student."

Isotta Page, 2020 Fine Art graduate and creator of 'Art Is...'

The finished podcast Art Is... looks to destigmatise storytelling and promote collective brainstorming in the creative industries. Season 1 is a narrative miniseries made up of seven short-format episodes each introducing a different theme on the future of the art world and Isotta hopes that the podcast will offer early-career artists the opportunity to “start creating a vision of what they want their professional future to look like, to start building it and to start an overdue conversation where we - the emerging artists - conceptualise, explore and investigate different possibilities for a more inclusive, cross-disciplinary and creative art industry.” 

Where does Isotta see her future? “I have big plans for Art Is… so I am currently working full-time on developing the podcast. Now that I have a strong foundation in the medium and a community of incredible peers, I can’t wait to launch the next season… and explore ideas with like-minded artists and creatives.” Season 2 will revisit the topics discussed in the first season through conversations with thought-leaders, industry experts and emerging artists. 

As well as working on the second season, in the coming months, Isotta is planning to advance her sculptural practice and is working on a side-project, minting an NFT (Non-Fungible Token), with fellow ECA graduate Sofia Hallström and economist Ludvig Holmier, through their art collective, Hella-sage Age. 

The first 4 episodes of Art Is... are now live on all major podcasting platforms and you can also follow Art Is… on Instagram and Twitter @artispodcast.

If you would like to take part in Season 2 of Art Is…, please contact Isotta at


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