A fourth year Film & TV – BA (Hons) student, Andy Ashworth, was the cinematographer for Danny MacAskill’s recent film, Wee Day Out. Danny MacAskill is a Scottish street trials pro rider.

The film was produced and directed by Cut Media for Red Bull UK, and features Danny riding around the Scottish countryside. From the start, the aim was to make a fun, feel-good, entertaining film that could be enjoyed by everyone, everywhere.

Andy has been working for award-winning creative agency Cut Media for over two years, during his studies at Edinburgh College of Art, and has been involved in a range of projects alongside creative and inspiring filmmakers.

"My role for the project was Primary Cinematographer, which involved spending most of the summer standing in muddy fields and forests behind a camera. Very often we would be shooting with two cameras – myself operating one, and the director/second camera op shooting with the other,” said Andy, “I worked closely with the director, Stu Thomson, to help realise the vision that both he and Danny had for the film. As the cinematographer, one of the challenges was to shoot in a way that looked good, yet also captured the action effectively. Danny was performing dangerous and complicated tricks that might only ‘work’ once (and often after hundreds of attempts) so any complex and risky camera moves were out of the question – missing the shot just wasn’t an option. This meant that shots were kept relatively simple and let the riding do the talking. On easier tricks however, we could be more adventurous with the visual style, and I would often be found using a handheld gimbal on a quad bike/golf cart, operating a jib, or flying a drone.”

“Working on the project was an amazing experience, and the final product is something that we’re all really proud of! I learnt a lot through taking on the role, and working alongside such talented and creative individuals has helped develop me as a filmmaker. I can’t wait for the next one!"

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