Wun Xin Tsang went to Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry in Osaka, Japan for her 3rd year of study during the 2016/17 academic year.

What were some of your first impressions when you started your time studying abroad?

Both Hiko Mizuno and Edinburgh College of Art (ECA) are mainly studio-based. Hiko Mizuno has more strict timetable and schedule for students, while ECA provides more freedom for students to do their own time management.

What activities outside of your studies did you get involved in?

I went along to parties with my coursemates and my hosts. I made friends from around the world. I also travelled around Osaka with my new friends, and learnt a lot about the Japanese culture.

What places nearby did you visit during your time there?

I visited Kyoto and walked around the temples and saw some amazing views. I also went to Nara, which is a place with magnificent deer.

How did your experience of studying abroad change from your first impressions as time went on?

The lessons were in Japanese, but tutors were very helpful in that they translated all of the instructions for me into English. And they explained everything to me whenever I raised a question.

Tell us about some of the people you met during your studies.

I met people who could speak English in an international church, which is also where I met people from Japan and many other countries. We still keep in touch through social media. I look forward to returning one day to see them all again.

What advice would you give someone who wants to study abroad?

It is important to learn about the culture and a bit of the local language before studying abroad. It makes life a lot easier. You could also prepare some of your previous artwork so that you can share your working style at ECA with local students.

Be open to share your experience, and try to speak in their language as much as possible - they'll be very impressed!

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