Lily Georgia Pickard went to American University, Washington D.C. for her 3rd year of study on the History of Art – MA (Hons) programme at Edinburgh College of Art.

What were some of your first impressions when you started your time studying abroad?

It is completely different in a great way. I really could not recommend taking part in a year abroad more. The teaching style at American University was very hands on, in classes of a maximum of ten people. They were mainly discussion-based, and so you had to do a lot of work. It was worth it, though.

What activities outside of your studies did you get involved in?

I did a lot of life drawing. And Washington D.C. has amazing art galleries - my art teacher introduced me to some people who worked at the National Gallery of Art. I was able to go there frequently and see some behind the scenes action. They opened my eyes to the true workings of an art establishment.

What places nearby did you visit during your time there?

I visited New York (several times! It’s so easy to get there on the East coast), Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and Montreal.

How did your experience of studying abroad change from your first impressions as time went on?

First impressions was that it was going to be a huge challenge. Even though it got easier, there were constant challenges throughout the year. But this is all part of the fun. It was a great life experience!

Tell us about some of the people you met during your studies

You meet a whole variety of people from across the globe. This means that I can now visit a lot more places, knowing people as I go, which is amazing. I also developed great relationships with my professors, all from a variety of backgrounds.

Do you have any studying abroad wisdom to share?

When in doubt: go for it!