On 2nd February 2017, students from the University of Edinburgh’s Business School will be launching a new colouring book, Edinburgh in Colour, which they hope will raise money for the national charity Children 1st. The group of entrepreneurs at the Business School, collectively known as Team CreateEd, pitched their idea to a panel of judges for Children 1st’s Dragon’s Glen challenge, which asks participants to try and turn a £500 seed fund investment into £5000 in just five months. The judges backed their proposal, and the team will now be competing against teams from other universities and colleges around Scotland.

To make it into a reality, the team needed contributions from illustrators and artists. They chose the theme of landmarks and locations around Edinburgh, and promoted their project through a marketing campaign and competition, concentrating their efforts on Edinburgh College of Art (ECA). Several students from around ECA contributed work, meaning Business School students have been able to collect together 27 illustrations for their finished book.

The sites waiting to be coloured in include Holyrood, Dean Village, the Union Canal, the Old College, the Meadows, Leith Lighthouse, Portobello Beach, and the Royal Botanic Gardens. The book also includes facts and information about the landmarks, and the work that Children 1st does.

Rob Yates, a Carbon Finance - MSc student, is leading the project. "We've got five EUSA [Edinburgh University Students' Association] outlets who will be stocking the book, as well as the Fruitmarket Gallery by Waverley Station," said Rob, "We'll have six weeks to try and reach our target for the competition, so we're going to be doing a big push. And after that, we're looking to continue it to the summer, and then hopefully hand the project over to the next group of students."

Savannah Storm, who is in her 3rd year of Illustration – BA (Hons) at ECA, was selected as the competition winner, and she was commissioned to produce additional illustrations for the final book. “I’ve always got a sketchbook with me no matter where I am, because what inspires me most is capturing the world around me,” said Savannah, “Observational drawing is so rewarding, and living in Edinburgh is great for this because the architecture is full of character and detail.”

Chen Yu-Hsuan is a first year Animation - MFA student who has contributed to the book. “It was different from previous work, because I like to use colour and light in my drawing,” said Chen, “but this was for a colouring book, and so people will be doing that themselves.”

As well as funding for the project, the student teams are offered mentoring by one of the “Dragons” from the Dragon’s Glen panel. For Team CreateEd, this is Rebecca Heaney, a technology growth strategist who has served as a Director in several organisations including Museum Galleries Scotland, Investing Women, and National Theatre of Scotland, and was one of the founders of the start-up CodeClan.

"Team CreatEd’s idea was extremely creative and the team came off as very professional," said Rebecca, “I think that the artists bring with them creativity and a different skillset, which complements the business processes and strategy."

The book will be available at EUSA shops from 2nd February 2017.