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Two students viewing artwork on display on a wall.

The development’s Clocktower Apartments are in the renovated former Edinburgh Royal Blind School building. Cala Homes invited the students to create artwork to celebrate the building’s heritage and its setting within the contemporary Newington Residences. 

The project was open to all second, third and fourth year ECA students, and a judging panel of Cala and ECA employees selected the 22 winning artworks based on their creativity, execution, and the inspiration behind them.

In addition to having their artwork exhibited, each student also received £250 for their work. 

The selected students are studying across Sculpture, Intermedia, Painting and Photography.

The partnership was overseen by ECA’s David Moore, Director of Outreach for Art and Programme Director for Sculpture. David said: “We are delighted to offer this opportunity to our students, to engage with an outside project within the city. It also gives us pleasure to contribute to the legacy of the Edinburgh Royal Blind School at their former location in Newington and to have our students work permanently located there through the generosity of Cala Homes (East).”

A photo of artist Imogen Allen next to their artwork which is framed on the wall. Image: Cala Homes

Exclusive launch event 

The artworks were unveiled at a gallery-style launch event on Thursday 10 November. The invitation-only event gave the students the opportunity to discuss their work and network with attendees. 

Cala Homes provided the students with a brief for the project along with information on the history of the building and its role in the local community to support them to create their work. The project gave the students the opportunity to develop their professional practice skills and work on a live client brief. 

The students involved in the project and displaying their artwork are: 

  • Bronwen Barnes-Archer 
  • Charlene Scott 
  • Christos Vakirtzis 
  • Christian Sloan 
  • Chloe Siemens 
  • Elene Sturua 
  • Elana Munasinghe 
  • Ella Duncan 
  • Fiona Leonard 
  • Imogen Allen 
  • Justine Watt 
  • Kristel Bodensiek 
  • Liv Davies 
  • Lizzie Henson
  • Maria Sainz Monasterio 
  • Michael Gao 
  • Millie Frear 
  • Rosie Hodgson Smith 
  • Samantha Black
  • Susannah Nicol 
  • Tabi Hull 
  • Tracey Exton McShane 
  • Tuesday Roberts

Visit and view the artwork 

You can view the artwork on the Cala Homes website. 

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