Digital artist duo Dennis & Debbie Club have created a virtual reality project, 'Edinburgh 70', for audiences to experience and celebrate the past 70 years of Festival splendor. 

For the 70th anniversary, Dennis Reinmüller who graduated from Sculpture in 2013, along with his working partner Debbie Moody, are giving viewers a chance to experience the energy of the Festival from their very own homes. They have combined digital modelling of the city with BBC archive from festivals gone by to capture the Fringe experience, from performances and comedians, to Edinburgh’s renowned streets and architecture.

Dennis and Debbie said that the initial motivation for the project started with Creative Edinburgh's Innovation Fund;

“Through this we met Jack Kibble-White from BBC Scotland. As it is the 70th anniversary of the Edinburgh Festivals, and BBC Arts were quite keen to do a virtual reality project, we all thought it might be quite exciting to do something for the Festival, so we came up with Edinburgh 70.”

So what can viewers expect to take from the experience?

“It's a joyful, surreal slice of the Edinburgh Festivals with the ability to dive into clips from the BBC archive. We hope that after seeing our piece the viewer will want to experience more virtual reality, especially as it's fully 3D, so it does feel like a little universe in itself - quite similar to the actual Edinburgh Festival.”

Still from Edinburgh 70
Image courtesy of Dennis and Debbie Club
3D representations of the city recreate the splendor of the festival

With the Festival and Edinburgh 70 entering their third and final week, the response has been brilliant.

Dennis and Debbie said:

“Reception has been great so far. From people who've never done virtual reality before, to virtual reality enthusiasts, which makes us very happy. We wanted to make it a good experience for all audiences.

We are always quite hard on ourselves and our projects, so having made something that most people just purely enjoy is a thing we have to come to terms with as well.”


Edinburgh 70 can be downloaded for free at the Oculus website or via BBC Taster. It is also being exhibited at the BBC Festival Site in Edinburgh throughout the duration of the festival.

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