This year graduates from each of the five schools will return to take part in the first of our annual Alumni Micro-Residencies. Over the course of their one week residency, the alumni will produce a piece of work, or research, and also share their knowledge and experiences in a workshop with current students. The residencies are funded by the Devolved Researcher Fund, which comes from the University of Edinburgh Institute for Academic Development and graduates will receive payment and expenses to cover the cost of producing their work.

MFA Contemporary Art graduate Suzanne van der Lingen, who graduated in 2014, and MA Contemporary Art Theory Graduate Claire Walsh, who graduated in 2013, will be returning for the School of Art residency. Over the course of the week they will be hosting a participatory event as part of their MAP/Footnoting the Archive project as part of the Edinburgh Art Festival.

“We’ll be working with students on a workshop called L’Esprit de l’Escalier: Afterthoughts and Postscripts,” says Suzanne. “We want to introduce students to texts and works that have influenced our editorial direction, engage them in critical discussions and potentially instigate the production of new (collaborative) work.”

Julian Parker, who graduated in 2007 with an MSc in Acoustics and Music Technology will be undertaking the residency at the Reid School of Music and wants to challenge students to transform a simple algorithm into a musical device.

“The idea of the workshop is to get students to start thinking about the aspects of making an inspiring musical device that are not considered during academic work,” he says. “I want to help them make things that can engage, surprise and delight the musician that uses them.”

Dr Yue Zhuang, who graduated in 2013 with a PhD in Architecture, is looking forward to taking advantage of the resources here when she comes back to work with staff and students at Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture.

“With fond memories of the tremendous library resources at ECA, UoE and the National Library of Scotland while writing my Edinburgh thesis, I am really pleased to have the opportunity to avail these resources again for my Leverhulme project on ‘Cultivating happiness’,” she says. “I hope the encouraging welcome of old and new ECA staff flourishes and we shall converse and network on shared research interests.”

In the School of Design, Rocio von Jungenfeld, who graduated in 2008 with an MSc in Design and Digital Media and in 2016 with a PhD in Design wants to explore how a low-tech navigation method such as the Polynesian stick-charts can be re-appropriated to make the complexity of the flows of our cities more accessible.

"We hope it will enable us to develop and test a workshop framework which we are planning to run in other teaching and research contexts such as conferences and community projects," she said.

Previous residencies have been: