Professor Viccy Coltman won Supervisor of the Year and the Music in the Community team won the award for Outstanding Course.

ECA academics have won a number of awards in this year’s Edinburgh University Students Association (EUSA) teaching awards.

Professor Viccy Coltman won the award for Supervisor of the Year. This award recognises both dissertation and research supervisors who have went above and beyond in their role, offering both academic expertise and knowledge as well as personal and professional support.

Viccy is Professor of Eighteenth-Century History of Art.

From the nominations…

"Her honesty, diligence, and humour have seen me through times that have been both difficult and rewarding. Throughout, her commitment to making me the best researcher, writer, teacher, and speaker has never diminished. She is a constant source of support, and perhaps most importantly a role model for myself both inside and outside of the classroom."


The Music in the Community team won the Outstanding Course award.

This award recognises courses which were particularly inspiring or engaging. The shortlisted courses were said to allow students to consider their disciplines in a practical context and also demonstrate new and innovative teaching and assessment methods.

The course, established in 1991, has been run by Dee Isaacs since 2001.

From the nominations…

"This course provides so many opportunities for growth as a person. Connecting with the local Edinburgh community, I have been able to work with dozens of new people, and make a real, visible difference within a special needs school. The way it is taught is so exciting and informative, often very hands on and interactive..."

"Community Music is a key element to being a well-rounded musician. The skills that Music in the Community have taught me, have aided me in all areas of my musicianship and will greatly benefit me in later in my career."

Dr Liam Ross, Lecturer in Architecture, was the runner up in the Student Tutor of the Year category.

Those shortlisted for the Student Tutor of the Year have shown genuine care and support towards their student while offering an engaging and positive approach to academia.

From the nominations…

"What a progressive year for professional and personal development I’ve had under Liam Ross’s tutorship! With clear expertise and control over the topic of fire dynamics, and their consequences to architecture and the urban realm, Liam has made its social lessons highly accessible yet provocative for us."


Dr Dave O’Brien was the runner up in the Outstanding Contribution to Liberation in the Community category.

This award recognises a curriculum which is representative of the University of Edinburgh’s diverse student body, including inclusive, accessible content, teaching, and student engagement practices.

Dave is a Chancellor's Fellow in Cultural and Creative Industries.

From the nominations:

"Dave made sure to make everyone aware of all the ways insidious discrimination incites a continued system of exclusion... Every person left that course with an awareness of how institutional class, race, and gender prejudices operate on a governmental level. It was filled with fact and not sensibility, and galvanised his students with a new found cannon of racial understanding that I do not believe they all would have had before... As a BAME student I am so incredibly thankful a course like this is offered at Edinburgh."

Professor Juan Cruz, ECA’s Principal, said:

“I would like to offer my heart felt congratulations to everyone who was successful in this year’s EUSA teaching awards. These are especially gratifying awards as they come from the student body and express the deep appreciation students feel for the transformative and often life-changing experiences and new perspectives they have encountered through their teachers. I’m sure colleagues will join me in congratulating our recipients and take pride in their success.”

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