The Edinburgh International Film Festival (EIFF) is the world's longest continually-running film festival. It began in 1947, the same year as the Edinburgh International Festival. Students, graduates, and staff from Edinburgh College of Art (ECA) and the University of Edinburgh will be participating in this year's festival in a variety of ways.

In 2015, the University signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Centre for the Moving Image - which incorporates the Edinburgh International Film Festival and the Filmhouse - which stated a commitment to extend the intellectual and artistic reach of both organisations through collaborations involving programming, research and outreach initiatives.

ECA and University of Edinburgh events

EIFF Screen Summit 2017 | 21st June | 9.30am - 2pm | University of Edinburgh, David Hume Tower

EIFF’s Screen Summit is a forum open to everyone involved and interested in the future of the film and television sector both in Scotland and across the UK where people can come together to discuss and debate what that future can be.

This year the Summit will be focused on two key issues – the UK screen sector in Europe post Brexit; and the key developments in Scotland’s screen sector in the past 12 months. It is co-hosted by the Film Festival and Edinburgh College of Art, and co-organised by Dr Jonny Murray from the School of Design.


    Behind the Curtain: 70 Years of EIFF | 29th June | 5.50pm | Filmhouse

    Jim Hickey (former EIFF Artistic Director) and Rachel Hosker (Archives Manager at the University's Centre for Research Collections) host a conversation that will celebrate memories of EIFF and the people and events that have been part of it. Attendees will see archive footage, rarely seen photographs and precious artefacts from EIFF archival collections.


    Talbot Rice Gallery presents: Michael Poetschko | 30th June | Filmhouse

    The world premiere of visual artist Michael Poetschko's experimental narrative essay film Our Refrain will be presented by the University's art gallery. The film follows a group of students as they set up an experimental hub in an abandoned office building in Berlin. The short film The Risked Element (One Take for Harun Farocki) will also be screened.


    Oliver Stone presents: Wall Street | 2nd July | 1.30pm | Filmhouse

    Following the success of a series of workshops and a public event with acclaimed director Oliver Stone in March of last year, he has returned to Edinburgh to present his classic drama, Wall Street, on 2nd July. The screening will be followed by a Q&A with the director hosted by Dr Jonny Murray from the School of Design. Jonny is set to chair a series of Q&A sessions during the festival, including That Good Night, Donkeyote, Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked The World, Waterboys, Delicate Balance, Glory, and Snow Woman.

    This event is supported by Edinburgh College of Art and the University of Edinburgh. Two days after this event, Oliver Stone is set to attend a graduation ceremony at the newly refurbished McEwan Hall, where he will be receiving an honorary doctorate from the University.

    Donkeyote- Official Trailer
    Scottish Documentary Institute

    Film graduates will be showing work at a presentation of some of the most exciting new talents coming out of Scotland, while Animation graduates will be vying for your vote to try and win this year's McLaren Award.

    Film events

    Shorts: Bridging the Gap - Rebellion | 22nd June | 3pm | Filmhouse

    The Scottish Documentary Institute, a research centre at ECA, will present six films created as part of their new talent initiative. The programme offers intensive training and commission opportunities to emerging UK-based filmmakers. The scheme has been running for 14 years and the films produced to date have received festival awards, BAFTAs, special mentions, as well as screenings at festivals in over 60 countries world-wide.

    One of the films, Plastic Man, was directed by Yulia Kovanova, who graduated from the Art, Space and Nature - MFA programme in 2016, and created in collaboration with Ross McLean, a Lecturer in Landscape Architecture.


      Donkeyote | 22nd June (6pm) at Odeon and 24th June (8.40pm) at Cineworld

      Graduate and cinematography tutor Julian Schwanitz worked on this award winning documentary. Spanish-born Chico Pereira constructs a contemplative study of his uncle whose wonderful spirit of adventure belies all of his 73 years. Manolo likes to wander the countryside with his donkey and dog by his side, but what happens when, against all advice, he decides to tackle one last, mighty trek?


      Shorts: UK - Spectrum | 23rd June | 6pm | Cineworld 

      Seven thrilling short-form works that move through issues and themes that entertain, amuse, and inspire reflection. In Place by Genevieve Bicknell, who graduated from the Film Directing - MFA programme in 2010, will be shown.


      Shorts: UK - Fireworks | 24th June | 1pm | Cineworld

      A film by visiting tutor, Catriona MacInnes, will be shown as part of the "Shorts: UK - Fireworks" screenings. Howls draws upon folktales and oral tradition, where nature is presented as a site of strange and ominous energies, replete with shape-shifting creatures.


          Shorts: From Scotland | 30th June (6.25pm) and 1st July (6.10pm) | Cineworld

          ECA graduates will be showing work at a presentation of some of the most exciting new talents coming out of Scotland. A selection of live action and animated short films will showcase both their unique voices and visions. The films showing are

          Close to the Bone by Kevin Pickering and Lewis Wardrop (both Film & TV - BA [Hons] graduates, 2013)

          1745 by Gordon Napier (Film Directing - MFA graduate, 2015)

          Still from 'Plastic Man' by Yulia Kovanova
          Yulia Kovanova
          Still from 'Plastic Man'
          Still from Misshape Happenings by Dominica Harrison
          Dominica Harrison
          Still from 'Misshape Happenings'

          Animation events

          The McLaren Award: New British Animation (Parts 1 and 2)

          Inaugurated in 1990, and one of the pillars of EIFF, is the McLaren Award for Best British Animation, named after Scottish born animation pioneer Norman McLaren. The finest contemporary British Animators vie for your vote as the winning film is determined by you: the audience. Work by several ECA Animation graduates will be screened for this year's awards.

          Have Heart by Will Anderson (Animation - BA [Hons], 2011)

          Étude by Robert Duncan (Animation - BA [Hons], 2016)

          Misshape Happenings by Dominica Harrison (Animation - BA [Hons], 2016)

          Spindrift by Selina Wagner (Animation - BA [Hons], 2002) (also showing as part of Shorts: From Scotland)


          The Edinburgh International Film Festival runs from 21st June - 2nd July 2017.