The Digital Media Studio Project is a second semester core course, which brings together students from Design and Digital Media, Sound Design, Digital Composition and Performance and other programmes from across Edinburgh College of Art (ECA) and the University of Edinburgh.

Students form small multidisciplinary teams working on an extended project that brings together their various design skills in the context of an exploratory project brief chosen at the start of the course, each with its own project supervisor.

Each project provides an opportunity to prepare experimental work for public exhibition/display and for students to find practical, creative solutions to problems imposed by real limitations of technology, time and personnel. The course is run as a studio with iterative design development, group discussion, presentations, criticism and feedback. Tuition will be provided in the use of specialist tools and devices where applicable.

Groups explore a wealth of new technologies while developing an articulate understanding of the potential for their use in collaborative and integrated digital design, sound and performance and making use of the professional facilities and equipment that includes modern computers and software, studio spaces, still and video cameras and sensor devices.

Previous projects have included an investigation of projection mapping onto statues and other surfaces inside the University of Edinburgh's Anatomical Music supported by an interactive soundscape, a networked multiscreen non-linear high-definition video narrative, explorations and development of Indie computer games, locative and responsive media, complex animation and generative design, tangible surfaces, interactive 3D film and sound installations and a host of audio-visual performances at Inspace.

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