Throughout their second year of studying at Edinburgh College of Art (ECA), eight photography students formed a strong friendship which progressed into the formation of the photography group, CollectiveF8.

Web intern Rachel Lee spoke to the students - Amber Brown, Izzie Budler, Louise Burns, Lucy Fradley, Anna Hunter, Amy Iona, Emily Lynch and Serina Ma - that make up the group.

The all-female team of CollectiveF8 bonded over their passion for photography and their shared experience of being a female artist. Already good friends, they quickly realised that they all worked well together and inspired one another, even in the photography studio.

Each coming from a different background, the students bring their individual perspectives and unique artistic talent to the table, and aim to support each other as they discover who they are as an artist at ECA. CollectiveF8 embodies the belief that the best way for all women to progress in society is by working together and celebrating their achievements. They aim to tackle and raise awareness of social issues through the medium of photography.

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The CollectiveF8

""I’m so looking forward to seeing what we produce as individuals and as a collective.""

Amy Whitney Scholes, BA - Photography student

"The experience I have had at ECA has been incredible," said Louise Burns, Photography - BA. "There is a buzz about the place with exciting things happening all the time. The facilities, especially in the photography department, are exceptional and we are so lucky to be among the first students to use the newly refurbished studios. The programme involves a weekly introduction to a new piece of equipment or camera which is led by John McGregor, the Senior Photography Technician, and this year’s studio assistant Tiu Makkonen, who are always on hand to help. They've been amazing this year. I’m excited to see where things go next year."

"Everyone in the group is so talented and I’m learning techniques that I would never have considered exploring before ECA," said Amy Iona, Photography - BA. "It’s exciting that the possibilities are so open. Until now, I’ve always felt like I missed out on the whole “BFF girl gang”-style friendship growing up and the support and solidarity that comes with it. It’s so encouraging to feel like I have a place in an industry that’s still largely male-dominated and to be part of a group of people who are on the same creative frequency as me."

CollectiveF8 have already planned their first exhibition; which will take place 18 – 21 September in The Fire Station at the Lauriston Place campus of ECA.

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