Makers Marks, an ongoing collaborative project which brings together glass artists, sound designers, and engineers, showcased work-in-progress to the Edinburgh College of Art (ECA) community at an exhibition on 7 October 2016.

The hotshop studio in Glass hosted the event. All of the work being shown was based on recorded sounds of glassmaking in the ECA shops. Visitors to the ECA Glass studios for the exhibition saw interactive artworks that employed sight, sound, and touch.

PhD student Lisa Naas and composer David Faleris lead the work. They collaborated with a large team headed by engineer Al Bennett, ECA PhD student Marcin Pietruszewski (Creative Music Practice), and ECA Glass alumni Alan Horsley and Ingrid Phillips.

“The project seeks to question the nature of glass through dialogue between media and conversation among the team members,” said Lisa Naas, “The goals of the work are to bridge the gap between art object and audience through sound and engineering as well as to preserve and share the sounds of traditional glassmaking in distinctive ways.”

The project is supported through the Ingenious Grant, awarded to the group by the Royal Academy of Engineering in 2015.

Makers Marks is currently made up of four works: "Sounding Glass", "Glass in Translation", “Feedback Loops”, and "Makers Suite". "Sounding Glass" is an interactive glass object that explores the sounds of its making through human touch to offer a unique, playable, musical experience for the user. "Glass in Translation" is a series of glass objects developed by the glass artists in response to the words and new sounds created by the sound design team; as part of Lisa Naas’s PhD work on the creative process, it examines how metaphorical language might be used in studios for interdisciplinary, collaborative work. “Feedback Loops” attempts to give a visual form in glass to the recursive, making process that Marcin Pietruszewski employs in his music. And "Makers Suite" is an electronic composition created by David Faleris from the virtual library of the Makers Marks glassmaking recordings to accompany the objects.

The project and collaboration is ongoing, and the team intends to develop the work in the coming months. They will be playing with their sounds in more spaces and will be inviting new audiences in the Edinburgh community and beyond to engage with the work.