Dr Miguel Paredes Maldonado, Lecturer in Architectural Design, will be exhibiting his research at the Spanish Pavilion of the Venice Biennale - one of the most famous and prestigious cultural events in the world - from 26 May to 25 November 2018, after being selected from a competitive pool of over 1200 submissions.

Miguel submitted a research piece entitled 'Ugly, Useless, Unstable: Extended Projective Domains in Architecture’ which was originally developed as part of his PhD. The work raises the critical question: Is Vitruvius’ classical triad “Beauty, Utility and Stability” still suitable to describe contemporary architectural and spatial practices?

The Limits of the Useful. Dr Miguel Paredes, Lecturer - Architectural Design
Dr Miguel Paredes Maldonado
The Limits of the Useful. Dr Miguel Paredes, Lecturer - Architectural Design

"In tackling this question, Ugly, Useless, Unstable looks into recent strands of the discourses of Post-Structuralism and New Materialism, redeploying them into the context of contemporary modalities of architectural production."

Dr Miguel Paredes Maldonado, Lecturer in Architectural Design

"On the one hand, it develops a critical tracing of relevant strands of 20th-century Post-Structuralism and their gradual evolution towards 21st-century Neo-Materialist ontologies. It also investigates the potential of these novel ‘ontological regimes’ to challenge the prevalence of classical canonical frameworks for both the description and the production of architecture and the built environment," said Miguel.

Miguel’s design studio teachings influence this connection of philosophical and technological frameworks. “My third year unit ‘Prototyping Urban Realities’ mobilises data processing and prototyping tools, such as Grasshopper and Arduino, to help students analyse, represent, and ultimately intervene in the urban space of Edinburgh’s Old Town”. Miguel’s research is articulated through writing, but also speculative design and architectural practice.

Miguel will be joined by ECA student Theo Shack, Architecture - MA, who has also been selected by Architecture & Design Scotland for their competitive Venice Biennale fellowship.

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