Animation student, Madeleine Sayers, will be screening her production as part of Edinburgh International Film Festival (EIFF) 2018 on 27 June at the Edinburgh Filmhouse.

While her project was still in development, Madeleine was selected by EIFF 2018 for The McLaren Award. We caught up with Madeleine to hear more about her animated production.

"EIFF reaches out to ECA animation students and lets us submit our films to the festival while they’re still in development," said Madeleine. "I actually heard back that my film was selected at the start of April, well before all the animation was even close to being finished. It was pretty nerve-racking but gave me a lot of motivation."

The film, set in a 24-hour laundromat, is aptly named Laundromat.

"The animation is split into three distinct parts, reflecting on the changing atmospheres and different characters that drift in and out as the day shifts from morning to night,” said Madeleine, "The focus of the film is less on plot and more on capturing how time and people affect a space. I chose the setting of a laundromat as they fulfil a universal need, and cater to all types of people with their opening hours, but are essentially places of sitting around and waiting."

Laundromat ANIMATION Madeleine Sayers
Madeleine Sayers, Animation - BA (Hons)

""I wanted to explore the small moments that would typically be overlooked both in cinema and everyday life. In a laundromat there is little else to do other than while away the time until you can leave.""

Madeleine Sayers, Animation - BA (Hons)

The McLaren Awards is a strand of the festival focused on new British animation. Split across two screenings on 27 and 28 June, the winner is decided by the audience. 

"I’ve loved my time at ECA and have really enjoyed the freedom that the programme structure allows you, especially in the final year. What I’ll miss most is working in the studio environment."

Laundromat is in the first half of the McLaren programme on 27 June, screening at 15:35 in the Filmhouse.

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