Yuxi Lui, soon to be graduating from our MFA programme in Design Informatics, has been featured in the renowned digital design and architecture magazine designboom.

Yuxi designed and developed theĀ robot, which writes poetry in the sand, for her final dissertation piece.

Yuxi said her practice during her Masters studies explored the affordances of emerging technologies and probes into technological, social, cultural and ethical issues with a focus on the interpretation of technology and humanity.

Her project, 'Poet on the Shore', is an AI-empowered autonomous robot that roams the beach. It enjoys watching the sea, listening to the sound of waves lapping on the beach, the murmurs of the winds, children conversing and the incessant din of seabirds. Most of the time, it roams alone to listen and feel. Sometimes, it writes verses in the sand and watches the waves wash them away.

The robot has a number of sensors that enable it to sense the world around it: the sea, the wind, the sounds etc. Empowered by machine learning, it can discover the patterns and create associations in its mind. Furthermore, it translates these perceptions into poems and writes them on the beach. The robot, thus, is able to have multisensory experiences and present a kind of poetic sensibility. It has autonomy such as its behaviour does not require the intervention of humans. As a result, it does not need to demonstrate its value through serving human needs. Rather, its perceptions give its existence value.

To read the full article and to watch a video of the robot in action visit theĀ designboom website.

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